Property is traditionally regarded as a solid and attractive capital investment.
There are many different reasons why property makes sense as an investment. We would like to mention three of them:

Stable performance
In general, property has shown a positive long-term performance. Although there can be short-term fluctuations, property prices have tended to rise over the long term. This allows investors to benefit from capital appreciation.

Inflation protection
Property can act as a hedge against inflation. When the prices of goods and services rise, the value of property usually rises too. As rents generally rise in line with inflation, property investors can increase their income accordingly.

Tax advantages
Investors can depreciate the value of their property to reduce their tax burden. In addition, costs such as mortgage interest, maintenance expenses and care costs are tax-deductible.

Becoming a landlord and owning property as a retirement provision is therefore an important building block for prosperity in the third stage of life. This makes it all the more important to focus on locations with a high degree of security (keyword: economic situation, future prospects, population development, etc.).

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